About Us

Alpha Eta Rho – Beta Beta of Henderson State University was founded on December 7, 1983 by Marty Best, Brian Keuter, Mark Jenkins, David Reeder, John Smith, Kenny Garvin, Brent Mills, Mark Sanford, Rob Williams, Chris Bittle, Bill Wheeler, Steve A. Jackson, and Jim Smedley.

Alpha Eta Rho is a nonprofit volunteer organization working to enhance the quality of life of aviation students and strengthen the bonds that exist within the aviation community. The fraternal bond cultivated by Alpha Eta Rho fosters a professional and social atmosphere that not only enhances the collegiate aviation experience, but also builds friendships and networking that will last a lifetime.

Hunter Bobel Shad Foley Ryan Woodruff Cody McAbee
Luke Dorey Kenny Lovewell William Parmer Levi Hayes
Griffin Rucker Austin Nufer Tyler Kvetko Thomas Hodges
Thomas McDaniels Roberto Sucre Lexie Pruitt John “Jack” Dodson
Ryley “Joseph” Culp Jesse Williams Minsuk Kim Stephen Spanel
Reginald Evans Thomas Fuell Kyle Foushee Dylan Summerville
Crystal Pitts Jordan Dennis Reynolds Beckham Capos Culpepper
John McGehee Brad Bullock SukJun Son Marcus Caldwell
John Brian Kirksey Rich Wyman (Advisor)  


Hunter Bobel Ben Reynolds Ryan Woodruff Lexie Pruitt
Cody McAbee Chris Lamar Kenny Lovewell Griffin Rucker
Shad Foley Jonathan Olson Andrew Spanel Larry Armstrong
Luke Dorey Rich Wyman (Advisor)


Jake Barrett Brandon Bascue Bryon Birch Hunter Bobel
Jesse Burrow Aaron Dickson Michael Duplessie Hunter Edmonson
Andrew Finne Jeffrey Hebert Conor Herget Mathew Herndon
Daniel Hughes Chris Lamar Blake Lambert Chris Martin
Dillion Maxwell Jay Orr William Parmer Tim Parsons
Crystal Pitts Lexie Pruitt Ben Reynolds Jacob Ross
Nick Simon Zach Wood Richard Miller (Advisor)  

Officer Team

Cody McAbee

Cody McAbee


Senior, Aviation – Professional Pilot

Private Pilot, Instrument Rated

Officer Duties

The president shall uphold and administer the laws and philosophy of the Fraternity. He or she shall preside over all meetings and organize all activities. The president will be the representative of the Fraternity to other organizations, departments, faculty, etc. It is also the responsibility of the president to delegate individual tasks or roles to the appropriate officer or committees. The president has authority to write checks on the Fraternity’s checking account without a co-signature.
Scott Kim

Scott Kim


Senior- Professional Flight

Best Pilot

Officer Duties

The vice-president shall assist the president in his or her duties and shall also substitute for the president in his or her absence. The vice-president shall be responsible for educating the pledge class.
Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams


Freshman, Aviation – Professional Pilot

Student Pilot

Officer Duties

The secretary shall be responsible for taking minutes at all meetings, keeping a list of membership, and keeping a history of all activites.