About HSU’s Aviation Department

Henderson’s Department of Aviation is Arkansas’s only university program that offers a four-year bachelor of science degree specifically in aviation. Utilizing experienced faculty, flight instructors, and 15 aircraft our goal is to provide students the training and education necessary to prepare them for a career in the professional aviation industry in the safest environment possible, whether they want to fly for the airlines, manage the airports they serve, or manage the fleet they fly. If you have any questions or comments about what we offer or about our website, please e-mail us at aviation@hsu.edu and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Training Fees

Flight training fees are in addition to tuition fees. Aircraft rates are wet Hobbs and are subject to change. When necessary, a fuel surcharge may be levied to compensate for sharp rises in fuel costs. Click here to see the estimated flight lab cost.


Henderson currently operates 11 Maule MXT-7 aircraft, 2 Piper Arrow Technically Advanced Aircraft, 1 Cessna 172RG, 2 Piper Comanche PA-30, and an American Champion Citabria.


Henderson State University conducts flight training from the Arkadelphia Municipal Airport (KADF). Henderson operates the airport’s fixed base operation and offers flight instruction, rentals, pilot supplies and fuel supplies.